Helping Lawyers And Law Firms Be At Their Best

TCC is an award-winning therapy, coaching and training agency specialising in working with professionals and organisations in high-pressure industries.


Supporting lawyers and those in legal processes with the ups and downs of life and work


Practical, specialist training for law firms and other organisations from experienced lawyers and therapists


Helping clients to examine situations, relationships and issues and to change what’s not working

What’s Different About Us?

We at TCC are all high-achieving professionals who have re-trained as therapists and coaches so we can help those in high-pressure industries to be at their best.

We understand your difficulties – we’ve lived them ourselves. We know the terrain. We’ve walked in your shoes.

We are former lawyers, accountants, teachers, social workers and civil servants.

Trusted by our clients, we combine credibility and relatability.

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TCC is for Training, Counselling and Coaching (yes, OK, it’s also for TCC!). We work closely alongside high-pressure industries. We provide businesses with high-quality in-house therapy and coaching services that are a world away from the employee assistance programmes of old. And our organisational wellbeing and culture support services provide real-world guidance borne of our practical and therapeutic experience.

Our Awards 

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It’s a Double Win

It’s a Double Win

In the words of Victor Meldrew, “I don’t believe it!!!!” TCC are Double winners at the Modern Law Awards tonight: Supporting the Industry Award 🥇...

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What the F is Resilience?!

What the F is Resilience?!

What the F is Resilience?! Resilience is such a loaded term, isn’t it? If you’re a leader/director of training in an organisation, it’s wise to be...

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