*Addiction is not just about your ‘niche’ cases….*

When I was a family solicitor, every couple of years a seminar would come up focusing on addiction.

The invitation would tend to have a picture of a red wine-spattered tablecloth.

The focus would be on the extreme end of alcoholism. On alcohol and drug testing. On death, abuse and the worst kind of conduct.

The reality is that addiction is *much* more nuanced than this. It’s insidious and shows its face in much more subtle ways.

I’d be willing to bet that addiction has affected anyone reading this article in some way. Whether it’s a family member, friend or you yourself.

Because it’s not just about substances!

It also shows up in our relationships with:

– Phones (and if you’re reading this thinking ‘I’m not remotely addicted to my phone, then you’re a better person than I am)

– Work (I’m not sure I know many lawyers who don’t relate to this!)

– Relationships – because codependency, attachment disorders and addiction tend to be bedfellows

amongst others…

So I think it’s pretty groundbreaking to have a seminar on addiction at next year’s ThoughtLeaders4 Private Client | TL4PC Conference in Paris, at which I’ll be speaking.

And we’ll be looking, not just at addiction in our clients, but also in ourselves.

I can’t wait to be involved.


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