Quite rightly, there’s a lot of attention on mental health in the legal profession at the moment.

And it’s refreshing to hear such frankness about the challenges from Lyndsey Laverack in Legal Business Magazine

I was particularly interested in her comments on addiction in the profession and the inter-relationship between our busy lawyer brains and the culture of the profession itself.

At The Carvalho Consultancy, our partnership with Sidley Austin LLP providing them with in-house counselling is so rewarding. Bhavesh KotechaStephanie Bell and I love providing this support to Sidley’s people.

And it’s heartening to read Lyndsey’s thoughts on the scheme:

Sidley Austin LLP has also partnered with an in-house counselling service called The Carvalho Consultancy. We encourage our lawyers to speak to these in-house counsellors who are ex-lawyers and the firm funds these sessions. A lot of firms offer a general session with a psychiatrist, which is great, but having people who understand the type of work and the particular pressures of our job is particularly valuable.

And thanks always as well to Jo Chatt and Kellie Wade for everything they’ve done to set up and coordinate the scheme so effectively.

Read the full article here:

‘I was scared that my ability to do my job would be questioned if I revealed any weakness’



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