Adam Carvalho, our coach:

I am training as a counsellor and coach, in order to be able to use different approaches depending on the needs of each client.

As part of my accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I am offering low-cost coaching with a particular emphasis on trainee and associate solicitors, junior partners and junior (or senior-junior) barristers.

I see coaching and counselling as two sides of the same coin. The aim is to work together to examine situations, relationships and issues, to look at what’s not working (and what is) and to think about potential changes and how they can be implemented.

After a decade and a half of quite intense practice, I am familiar with the types of issues that can come up for legal professionals.

In my experience, lawyers often like to identify goals and work towards them, which is where coaching can be useful. There are different ways this can be done, depending on preference – in a more “transactional” way (where you start from “A” and want to get to “B”), or a more holistic way that looks at underlying themes.

Adam Carvalho