Adam Carvalho, our coach:

I am a coach registered with the International Coaching Federation and I am also training as a BACP accredited integrative therapist.

I had a decade and a half working as an associate and latterly a partner at Farrer & Co in the litigation team, with an emphasis on high value, complex and often multi-jurisdictional private wealth disputes, before joining with Annmarie at the Carvalho Consultancy.

I have a busy practice working as a coach with a number of junior solicitors, junior partners and barristers. 

My approach is informed by my knowledge and experience of the world of modern legal practice, and an interest and training in psychological principles. 

Each client is different; some might be quite focused on one goal while others wish to explore multiple interrelated issues. The sessions I have often focus on issues which are: 

– ‘transactional’ – such as planning for promotion or improving work/life balance;

– structural – such as looking at the client’s position within a team or considering the dynamics within a group; and/or

– more psychological – dealing with anxiety and stress, fears about competency, issues around billing and/or time recording, feelings of dread around certain clients, cases or colleagues and/or deeper questions about, for example, meaning and value.     

My approach is a calm and collegiate one mixed (where possible) with a healthy dose of humour. The aim is to work together at understanding the relevant issues and often to explore the options which are realistically available and to make choices which feel right in the particular circumstances.

I offer free half hour sessions where we can discuss whether coaching would be useful for you and you can get to know me a bit before deciding whether you would like to have coaching with me. If you would like a session please do book in below.

Adam Carvalho

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your support in this process, it has been so valuable for me. The sessions have been able to show me that
there is choice and that is something which I hadn’t seen for a really long time. It’s also helped me to recognise my worth and where adjustments can and should be made to enable me to carry out my work. I wouldn’t have had
the confidence to make the changes had it not been for our time together so, again, thank you so much.

Senior Associate

Family Solicitor

Adam helped me to unleash my own intuitive thinking to understand what my obvious next steps should be. He enabled me to have the best conversation with myself by gently probing and asking the right questions. At times, I even forgot he was there. I can't recommend him enough. Thank you Adam!



I really enjoyed our sessions and we achieved such a lot in them. I felt that I was stuck and had lost sight of something important, but I wasn’t quite sure what that was. You helped me think about work and life in a way that has left me feeling more free and able to deal with all the challenges. [A particular partner] said in [my appraisal] that he had noticed a change in me.


Private Client Solicitor

Adam helped me in looking at a few important blocks which I have had for years now. He was always very relaxed and we had plenty of laughs but he can also be surprisingly challenging if you need which I definitely did sometimes! It makes a huge difference that he gets exactly what is involved in this area and type of firm.

Junior Partner,