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I am an accredited business and personal coach for lawyers. I am also a trainer – I present sessions to teams on the psychology of law – and I am a foundational therapist. I work with lawyers to help them understand the issues they are facing and ultimately to move forward and enjoy their work.

I am also asked by HR teams to provide sessions to fee earners where the fee earner and their supervisor have identified an issue which they feel would benefit from an impartial third party coaching approach.

Most lawyers I work with have been from top 20 firms, US firms in the City, and private wealth/private client and family practices. However I am always happy to work with lawyers in other areas and I find that the pressures are remarkably similar…

What will I come away with?

Typically clients have said that they come away with a sense of calm, a renewed enthusiasm and a sense of momentum in making the positive changes they want to see. Please see my testimonials for more information.

Often clients find it very useful simply to discuss things that may have been in the background for some time with someone that they know has been there and gets the issues. This can be a first step in the process before we go into the areas where you’d like to see change in more depth.

We will look, from the first session, at specific action points so that you can start to move forward with building momentum and making the positive change you want to see.

adam carvalho

What is coaching?

 Coaching is typically understood as a process that allows the coachee to clarify and move forward with issues by uncovering their inner resources, building a sense of choice and momentum and addressing obstacles and limiting beliefs. 

I am also a foundational therapist and I work for two organisations that provide accessible therapy in person and online. The coaching I provide is not therapy, but it is underpinned by psychological theory and insights.

Because of my legal background and links I see the same issues come up frequently and I have a thorough knowledge of the profession. I can therefore provide mentoring and a ‘sounding board’ to clients.

Client Feedback

Free half hour sessions

I offer free half hour sessions where we can discuss whether coaching would be useful for you and you can get to know me a bit before deciding whether you would like to have coaching with me.

The sessions are a chance to get to know me and I will also tell you whether I think coaching would be useful. If you are potentially interested please do book in below to see whether you’d like to go ahead.

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