Do you know what the amygdala is??

And what it’s got to do with stress, anxiety & the collywobbles as I like to call them…

This was just one of the snippets of neuroscience I covered in my session for a large group of lawyers at Charles Russell Speechlys earlier this week.

Focusing on pro bono work, we also looked at how we can create the right conditions for working with stressed & traumatised clients.

Because it’s not all about theory! Far from it.

In fact, my middle name is Practicality (that’s a lie – it’s actually Caroline).

Anyway, my point is that I brought ideas as to how we can alter the way we practice in light of this. And how becoming trauma-informed affects what we say, how we say it, how we act.

And in fact, the principles we discussed apply to any lawyer working with clients who are emotional (ie all of them!)

Thanks so much to Sarah Farrelly Susan Field Ravina Bahra and Francesca McEwen for organising/coordinating this session.

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