How long does therapy take?

We ask most clients to commit for 6 weekly sessions and then have a review to see how it’s working for you. We think therapy is at its best where there is a comfortable enough relationship to have these regular reviews where you can share your views. 

Many clients end up coming to therapy for a number of months (and even sometimes years!) but it really depends on what’s going on for you. More short-term work can also be highly effective, for example with some clients who like a more coaching-style, practical approach.

Do you provide couples therapy?

Yes we do! Please contact Tim our couples counsellor on couples@carvalhotherapy.com for further details.

Can you come to my law firm for therapy or coaching?

Yes, Annmarie runs schemes at law firms whereby she goes in regularly, seeing a number of lawyers one-by-one in a private space. This means you get to see a specialist therapist during the course of your working day, taking away the stress of trying to race out of the door to appointments.

Do you provide couples mediation?

No, Annmarie no longer works as a mediator. Both Annmarie and Tim have very close links with the mediation and family law community and can provide the details of excellent mediators if needed.