Clue: he’s not very chatty …but he has a very colourful personality

Yep, you guessed it – it’s Brian the Brain!

Brian is joining me to talk about ‘Fear and Finance: how to work well with vulnerable clients going through divorce and separation’ at the Resolution Financial Planning on Separation Conference.

And we can’t wait!

We’ll be talking about everything that gives people the collywobbles…

…how stress and trauma affects the brain…

…how to have conversations that put upset and vulnerable people at ease…

…and how to look after ourselves in the process!

Don’t get me wrong – I love lawyers as much as the next self-respecting person. But it will be nice to talk to a bunch of financial planners for a change.

Come and say hi and check out Brian’s hemispheres!

PS yes I have spent my time this morning sellotaping a nose and mouth to a model brain. Don’t judge me.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow


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