Last week Annmarie Carvalho was at Keble College, Oxford for the Industrial Law Society annual conference.

She spoke to an audience of employment law professionals about how to work with vulnerability and suicidality and take care of yourself.

Whilst Annmarie was there she was reliably informed that she was in fact the first therapist invited to speak at the conference, which she was absolutely thrilled about.

She found the people to be welcoming and warm, a really nice crowd, and it was a lovely event.

It’s a fact that, if you’re lucky enough to get a place to study at the University of Oxford as a young person, you’ll never appreciate the beauty of the place and the possibilities it gives you. But isn’t that just the nature of life?

But your parents will remind you at every turn! (and in Annmarie’s – who was one of the lucky ones to attend, every time they came to visit, multiple times each term. 😂)

Thanks to Anna Beale Robert Lewis and Jean Hughes for organising such a wonderful conference.

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