“…yeah, it takes one to know one..”

Do you remember saying this to your mates/enemies at school?

Usually, it went like this…

“You love maths, you do. You’re such a swot…”

“Yeah well, takes one to know one“


Well, we at The Carvalho Consultancy believe that it does, indeed, take one to know one (see how just adding ‘indeed’ makes it sound more sophisticated? Classic lawyer trick)

We believe that, if you’re going to look for a therapist/coach/trainer, the *best* person you could choose is someone who’s walked in your shoes.

Who truly understands your experience.

And can help you move towards change using both their own life experience and their psychological skills.

That’s why all our therapists, trainers and coaches have worked within the high-pressure world of professional services.

Lawyers, accountants, teachers, social workers…we’re a varied bunch with a common ethos – excellence of client service, practical understanding and therapeutic skills.

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PS who remembers these as well? Our twins brought them home from school last week and it took me right back in time… (they’re paper fortune tellers in case you’d forgotten/never knew the name like me!). We used to put down the names of the boys we were going to marry in the different segments. I never did marry Bret the Hitman Hart, more’s the pity…


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