I offer workshops and training programmes for organisations. My training experience covers a variety of subjects but, put simply,  my goal is to help people understand themselves and others better.

I love connecting with people as a trainer and the creative process involved with designing bespoke training programmes.

My particular specialisms are in relationship difficulties (both at work and home), relationship breakdown, mental health in the workplace and addiction and attachments.

I mainly train lawyers and, as a lawyer myself, I appreciate the reality of having a high-intensity career and the toll that it can take. As a result my approach to training, while grounded in psychological theory, is intensely practical and down to earth.

My style is informal, approachable and collaborative. I connect with those I’m training by sharing my own experiences, provoking discussion and always try to make my audience laugh (or at least nod in recognition!).

Workshops and presentations I’ve designed and delivered include the following:

  • Wellbeing and mental health for lawyers
  • Managing difficult relationships in the workplace
  • ‘Under the surface’ – the psychology of law
  • Handling clients’ expectations and maintaining boundaries
  • Building resilience at work and at home

Enquiries about training opportunities are welcome and bespoke quotes are available on request.

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