Bhavesh Kotecha

I am an integrative psychotherapist registered with the BACP, as well as a chartered accountant.

I am an integrative psychotherapist registered with the BACP, as well as a chartered accountant. I have worked in professional services, having started my career at Deloitte, and I also provide consultancy services within the charity sector.

Throughout my adult life, I have worked with individuals from a range of backgrounds; it’s this diversity that appeals to me most about my work. Everybody is shaped by their cultural background in some way. This often gets played out in many spheres of life – values, identity, relationships, career, to name but a few. This even gets played out in the therapy room!

Having had a career in professional services, I am naturally drawn to the corporate world and have worked with individuals from the legal, finance and banking fields. I understand these worlds and the challenges that these professions face.

My approach is culturally sensitive and open-minded, with the realisation that people bring their whole selves to work. I’ll take time to understand what is going on for you right now and give you the space you need to work through these issues. My focus is on collaboratively developing your self-awareness and resilience to overcome the obstacles that you may be facing.

You could be currently facing a specific issue in out life or you may want to go deeper into something that has been troubling you for a while. Or you might just be feeling out of sorts and not sure why. It’s not unusual to feel stuck – or not be able to quite articulate what’s going on for you. My sessions are engaging and designed for you to develop your own curiosity about yourself. I am creative in my approach to ensure that we work in a way that is most effective for you but also challenging. I offer a kind heart, patience and a sincere appreciation of the difficulties you may be facing.

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