Kate Hall

I trained at Tavistock Relationships, the leading centre of excellence for relationship and couple psychotherapy. I work as a psychodynamic therapist with individuals and couples weekly on a time-limited or long-term basis.

I specialise working with lawyers or individuals going through legal processes and offer brief-focused psychotherapy, and therapeutic supervision for lawyers.

I trained at Tavistock Relationships, the leading centre of excellence for psychotherapy. My approach is reflective, compassionate, and non-directive, and I offer clients a safe and non-judgemental space to explore anxieties, thoughts, and concerns about a particular issue. I work psychodynamically, which means that our thoughts and feelings in the present are explored in the context of looking at our past relationships and early experiences. Making these links can bring a greater understanding of where our patterns of behaviour and beliefs come from. It can also offer the possibility of lasting change in how you see yourself and relate to others. How you relate to the therapy and your therapist is also a feature of psychodynamic therapy.

You might seek help for a specific issue, such as the loss of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, going through IVF, have feelings of anxiety or low mood at work, or struggle to create boundaries for yourself between your work and personal life. You might be considering whether to stay working in law, and working psychodynamically can help you understand some of the unconscious processes that drew you to the legal profession. Perhaps you are aware of repeating patterns in your relationships with others and you are interested in making sense of why you relate in the way that you do.

I have a special interest in supporting those dealing with bereavement and grief and previously worked for a charity that offered brief focused therapy for people facing death, affected by a life-threatening illness and bereavement.

I previously worked as a family lawyer, and also trained as a mediator. I am passionate about supporting lawyers therapeutically, whether it’s about exploring feelings of unfulfillment at work or in your relationships, managing stress more effectively, or trying to navigate an event or transition in your personal life alongside the demands of being a lawyer.

I offer time-limited therapy in a block of 6 or 12 weekly sessions at the same day and time each week. The first step is to meet for an initial consultation, which doesn’t commit you or I to anything but gives us a chance to think together about your hopes for therapy and enables you to get a feel for what the process would be like with me.

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