Supervision For Lawyers

We provide therapeutic supervision for lawyers (otherwise known as reflective practice).

This is particularly useful for those working in more emotive areas of law, such as family and private client law.

How can it help?

Supervision helps lawyers in the following ways:

What is therapeutic supervision?

It is support from a therapist or coach to discuss difficulties and dynamics that come up in your work. Your supervisor can help you make sense of such situations, take care of yourself better and, where appropriate, help you to make adjustments to the way you practice.

What will we talk about in supervision?

Often it takes the form of discussing common dynamics that we fall into with our clients. These tend to include:


We can reflect with you on the above issues and other stressors in the job, both internal and external. This helps to reduce the pressure on you and helps you to make changes where needed.

How to book

We offer supervision with Annmarie Carvalho, Tim Rice and Adam Carvalho.

Annmarie, Tim and Adam provide individual supervision while Annmarie also provides group supervision.

Annmarie Carvalho


Annmarie Carvalho

Annmarie  is a supervisor and counsellor for individuals. She is also a trainer and non-practising lawyer and family mediator.

Tim Rice


Tim is an individual and couples counsellor and an experienced family law supervisor.

Adam Carvalho



Adam is a business coach with detailed knowledge of family cases and a family law supervisor.

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