Support For Law Firms

We support law firms and chambers in two key ways:

  1. through our innovative in-house counselling service and;
  2. by providing specialist input on Human Resources issues.

In-house counselling

We run hugely popular in-house support sessions at law firms spanning different sectors of the legal profession.

Management and HR teams at many firms have realised in recent years that supporting their lawyers and support staff via employee assistance programmes is no longer sufficient. What their people really need is bespoke specialised support from therapists and coaches who’ve walked in their shoes and who truly know what life in the law is like.

That’s where we come in!

We provide coaching and counselling sessions with one of our former lawyers, combining therapeutic support with a practical approach that helps our lawyer clients make progress and changes in their life and in their legal practice.

Our specialist knowledge and background in the legal industry means that our clients know that, whatever they’re struggling with, we’re likely to have ‘been there and got the t-shirt’ ourselves! Our own experiences are invaluable in shaping the ‘real-world’, practical suggestions and tools with which we equip our clients.

We work with both individuals and groups.

Our booking system couldn’t be simpler and we have excellent relationships with the firms we work. Whatever shape and size your organisation, we can help you create a happy and fulfilled workplace.

Human Resources support

We provide firms with invaluable support with issues that arise in relation to their people. This includes undertaking wholesale reviews of firm’s practices in relation to wellbeing and reviewing and re-drafting policies and procedures.

We provide firms with an invaluable independent perspective. Our advice is informed by years of practice of life in the law and our work across many different law firms and chambers. We have a detailed knowledge of the latest best practice and developments in relation to HR policies as well as the SRA principles, Code of Conduct and regulatory requirements.

Specific issues that we can support your organisation with include (amongst many others) best practice for handling mental health issues at work, how people should work with vulnerable and suicidal clients and fertility, miscarriage, baby loss and menopause policies.

If you’d like more information about either our in-house counselling service or our HR support service, please contact our Executive Assistant Emily Wilson on

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