Lawyer Support

Having worked in a Central London law firm for over ten years, Annmarie is well-acquainted with the toll that life in the law can take on people. This applies to junior lawyers facing the demands of the job for the first time and also more seasoned practitioners dealing with the cumulative stresses that build up over time.

That’s why we, at TCC, are passionate about giving lawyers the support that they need and deserve.

Both Annmarie and Tim are experienced in supporting lawyers with their emotional wellbeing.


We appreciate that, as a lawyer, huge demands are placed on your time and your emotional resources. The expectations and pressure can be huge, whether that’s from clients, bosses or the system itself. Traditionally, lawyers haven’t been good at taking care of their own mental health. Happily, that is now changing and we are at the vanguard of these wellness initiatives.

We provide therapy and coaching to lawyers individually. We also run in-house therapy and coaching clinics in law firms, providing easily accessible, specialist support.

Common issues:

  • Perfectionism, overwork, difficulty switching off
  • Vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue.
  • How clients’ behaviour triggers our own issues

Therapeutic Strategies:

  • Decompressing emotionally from work
  • How to say ‘no’
  • Difficult relationships and changing unhelpful dynamics 
  • Boundaries
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