Individual Therapy

Annmarie’s approach

Annmarie is an integrative counsellor, combining different tools and types of therapy depending on what suits each client.

She looks with clients at their relationships; be it with spouses, parents, children, friends or colleagues and helps them to change what’s not working.

Having been a family solicitor and mediator, Annmarie often works with clients going through relationship breakdown and divorce.

Annmarie often works with clients on attachment styles that form in childhood and which affect our lives as adults.

Annmarie is experienced with working with various forms of addiction, be it to relationships, food, alcohol or drugs and helps people change patterns that they don’t like. Annmarie has a particular interest in alcoholism, co-dependency, love and relationship addiction.

Annmarie is trained in Motivational Interviewing; an incredibly useful tool when working towards change.

Annmarie Carvalho

Tim’s approach

Tim works with individuals who are dealing with anxiety or stress in their daily life, at home or work. He specialises in those having difficulties with relationships. These might be:

  • ​dealing with the fallout from a relationship break-up
  • working out why you are having difficulty forming relationships
  • trying to put bad habits behind you and move forward more confidently
  • deciding whether or not you should get back with a former partner
  • managing the difficult behaviour of your partner who will not come to counselling

​Tim provides a safe, supportive setting within which to explore your challenges and perhaps the link with early experience. With Tim, you can discover better ways of coping and bringing about the positive change you want in your life.