There’s a lot of jargon involved in describing different sorts of counselling and therapy.

I like to keep it simple. But here’s a little bit about my approach.

I am an integrative counsellor, which means that I combine different schools of therapy and many different tools.

I use all of this to create a personalised approach for each client that I believe will work for them.

I believe that our core beliefs about ourselves (which we form in childhood) affect what we attract into our lives and so I often work with clients on challenging these beliefs.

I focus with clients on their relationships with others; be it spouses, parents, children, friends or colleagues and help them to change what’s not working for them.

Clients also find it helpful to look at their attachments, be it to those people, relationships, food, alcohol or drugs and to change patterns that they don’t like. I help people to think about and move towards change in their lives, using my training in Motivational Interviewing.

I have helped clients through all sorts of challenges but have particular experience with depression, anxiety and the following:

  • Alcoholism and other addictions – I have over a decade of experience in voluntary addiction work. I am well-acquainted with 12 step recovery work and have a particular interest in problem drinking/alcoholism, co-dependency, love and relationship addiction.
  • Fertility – facing infertility/subfertility and going through treatment is one of the toughest tests a person can face and it’s something that people rarely talk about. I am passionate about supporting women and men through this experience and helping them find their inner resources of strength to get through it, whatever the outcome. To ensure clients have all the support they need, I offer additional sessions/telephone support during treatment cycles and around the time of a pregnancy test.
  • Divorce support and help with relationship problems including co-dependency and relationship addiction
  • Parenthood – as a mum of young children I know exactly how brutal parenting can be and the toll it can take on your sense of self and ability to meet your own needs. It’s so important for parents to look after themselves and I feel passionately about parents manage the guilt associated with this.

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