Step into a world where space makes all the difference. No, we’re not talking about rockets and galaxies🪐, but the essential breathing room that sets lawyer training apart from the rest.

As therapists and trainers for lawyers, we straddle two worlds with ease. But there’s one glaring discrepancy that sets them apart: space, or rather, the lack of it.

Why do we think lawyers can thrive on jam-packed agendas? It’s time to ditch the information overload, the endless handouts, and the absence of breaks. Let’s acknowledge the glazed looks on their faces, a result of overwhelming content, not the speaker.

In the legal world, reflection takes a back seat. But in the therapeutic and health communities, it’s a vital part of the process. We explore interpretations, personal connections, and emotions. Isn’t it time we bring this approach to law?

Take the world of family law for example…

Isn’t it important to have space to discuss our own feelings as practitioners about the various ways of creating families?

The moral questions associated with pre-nuptial agreements?

The psychological issues that prevent people from being able to agree on what to do in relation to their children?

All this stuff impacts on how we practice. So please let’s not pretend it doesn’t.

Whether it’s prenups, children law, or fertility law, these topics raise profound questions. Let’s create space for practitioners to discuss their feelings and philosophies. After all, our practice is deeply intertwined with our humanity.

So, if you’re training lawyers today, remember: they have feelings too 😃

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