Never be so arrogant that you name your business after yourself 😂

It’s a funny thing setting up your own company.

5 years in, we now get why people don’t name their businesses after themselves. Because, over time, you bring new people into the business. And then you think, oh b*gger, I want these great people to get the attention, not me!

Anyway, did you know that The Carvalho Consultancy is made up of so much more than Annmarie and Adam Carvalho?

Here are our other fabulous people!

Tim Rice MBACP. Not just a fantastic individual and couples counsellor. Also an experienced family law supervisor. Before that a commissioning editor at The Times and a secondary school teacher. Now based in Devon, Tim offers remote sessions. And is a bloody great bloke to boot.

Kate Hall – A former family solicitor and experienced mediator. Kate trained at Tavistock Relationships and, like Tim, works with both individuals and couples. Kate is psychodynamically trained which means she’ll look with you at thoughts and feelings in the present, exploring this in the context of looking at past relationships and early experiences. She also has a great deal of experience working with grief and loss and works with a bereavement charity alongside her private practice and work with The Carvalho Consultancy.

William Walker- Also psychodynamically trained at Tavistock Relationships alongside Kate. William is a specialist in divorce and separation as well as Mentalisation-based therapy. Caring and compassionate, William is comfortable with and has experience working with diverse clients with differences across culture, gender, sexuality, religion, and race. The newest member of our team, William will be at the Resolution awards with me next month hoping we pick up the Wellbeing Champion Award. So come and say hi!

Stephanie Bell. Another former lawyer – but this one a criminal barrister and former Government lawyer! She’s an integrative psychotherapist and also an executive coach. Steph also has experience of working with sexual violence and has conducted research into the psychological toll on barristers of conducting rape and sexual assault cases. Steph’s approach with clients tends to be active and engaged, with an intention to help you achieve insight into what makes you tick.

And last but certainly not least! Bhavesh Kotecha. Bhav is well-acquainted with the world of professional services, as a chartered accountant, formerly with Deloitte. Bhav also provides consultancy services within the charitable sector. Bhav is integral to our in-house counselling support services at law firms. Bhav’s approach is culturally sensitive and he offers a kind heart, patience, and a sincere appreciation of the difficulties you may be facing.

So, that’s the team. Who will you choose?

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