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Annmarie Carvalho

I am a therapist, entrepreneur, trainer, speaker and therapeutic supervisor (and a non-practising lawyer and mediator!)

I trained to become a therapist after working as a family lawyer and mediator at Farrer & Co, one of the top London law firms, for over a decade.

As a lawyer, I worked on complicated divorce and finances cases and difficult disputes over children. I came to realise that it was the relationships between people that I was really interested in and so set up The Carvalho Consultancy in 2018.

I am passionate about providing support, insight and strategic advice to lawyers and law firms alike.

I split my time between counselling lawyers (and those in legal processes), providing therapeutic supervision for lawyers, training and in-house counselling and consultancy services to law firms.

I have the practical experience and knowledge of the profession to provide credible insight and understanding from an independent perspective.

I have been at the forefront of bringing therapeutic understanding and insight to the legal profession and I love the fusion of these two professions.

I’m not your typical inscrutable therapist. You will get to know a little bit of who I am when we work together.

I offer warmth, informality, integrity and creativity. I believe that my humanity and practical perspective is as important as the psychological theory underpinning it all. Having a sense of humour also helps.

In my spare time, I spend time with my twins, pet pug and family. I also love everything about Spain and Latin America and those cultures so can be found brushing up on my Spanish or running around our local parks.

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